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How Reiki Changed My Life

I’m really excited about my recent blog post “How Reiki Changed My Life” – click here to read about my personal journey with Reiki.

I invite you to take a little time to be kind to yourself and rest and replenish your beautiful energy and spirit.Come and visit me at In Quiet Company for a deeply relaxing, nurturing Reiki Treatment.

In the spirit of renewal, we have everything you need to leave here feeling physically relaxed and mentally refreshed.

Benefits of Reiki:  Reiki supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  In a Reiki treatment you stay fully clothed and lay on a warmed massage table.  With very gentle hands-on therapy, tension and blocked energy is released and the body and mind go to a place of complete relaxation.  Clients can arrive feeling tense and stressed and leave an hour later feeling gently revived.

As one recent client put it, it’s  “a spa for your mind”.

I feel very privileged to be able to offer a welcome reprieve to people experiencing fatigue, stress, anxiety and overwhelm.  I look forward to seeing you!

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call Catherine at 403 620-5647, or email catherine@inquietcompany.com


Stress and tension burns up your precious energy  A soothing, warm Reiki session replenishes. Unwind…release…relax.      1 hour – $80.00

For a limited time  take advantage of  a Special Offer –                     click here for more info
We are easy to find – centrally located, close to downtown Calgary, nestled in a quiet residential neighbourhood just outside of Bridgeland.
I look forward to seeing you!